I always wonder what it is that draws me to a perfume. Is it the bottle, the story, the fantasy, the model, the brand?

Of course, if I had to choose one thing to prioritize, the fragrance would obviously come first. But the other day, I was in the fragrance section at Bigelow on 6th avenue, and I found a perfume I really liked, but the bottle just didn’t do anything for me… So I ended up leaving it on the counter. That might seem superficial, but to me, buying a perfume is like buying a dream…

That’s why, when I discovered Prada Candy Florale, I was instantly inspired by Candy, the character played by Léa Seydoux, and also by the idea of this imaginary and unique flower. I immediately wanted to know more about it, and I wasn’t disappointed by what I discovered… I’ll let you explore the world of Candy Florale in the photos.

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Translated by Andrea Perdue