You should have seen me behind the camera during the shoot for Whistles. I was jumping around, dancing, whistling, and I did all the movements along with my subjects.

For Whistles, I wanted to create the feeling a girl has when she’s whistling into an image — that playful, musical, relaxed feeling that goes with it. You can imagine her in the street, or in the shower, or doing any activity that leaves a little room for daydreaming (I, for example, often whistle while I’m working on my illustrations. Or I sing at the top of my lungs, it depends) — and of course, you can imagine the clothes that would go along with that feeling.

I’ve been wearing Whistles for years, so I was thrilled when they chose to work with me — no need to go all the way to London to throw on one of their sweaters or pants now!

You’ll see some familiar faces in the cast. At the Studio, we wanted to pick girls who know how to make things happen, while still staying cool and not taking themselves too seriously — which was definitely a prerequisite since they had to dance all alone in front of the camera!

My favorite kind of subjects, of course! ;)

I’ll let you take a look at the video! Big kisses!