So on Friday, you voted… Tomboy !!!
Here are a few notes on the debate, thank you for participating, it was really nice (and interesting) to read :)

#1 – Some of you found that the high waisted version and the cheek-peep (I made up that one) was vulgar. Some others found it anti-hygienic.
I think that, as a few of you said, this way to wear the shorts is fresh and sexy – everybody was doing it in the 70’s, it’s just cute!
The only thing is to wear it with flats…
About hygiene, I agree that I wouldn’t feel great wearing them in NYC with the taxis and stuff… But on holiday, oh yeah !!!

#2 – I’d wear the tomboy, as you know me, but I actually really love it both ways.

#3 – Some of you found that the model was too skinny on the left side (wearing the tomboy shorts)… But it’s the same model, the same pants, and not retouched! It’s only that worn without a belt, the shorts fall very low (almost to the knees), a place where leg gets skinnier… It shows how different the perception is (wearing it the tomboy way definitely makes you look skinnier), which I find super interesting.

There you go darlings!!! Big kiss!