I want to take this tub thought to reflect on last week’s “Day without A Woman” and what it meant to me.

I feel so proud of G and our whole studio team for speaking up when it’s most important and being a part of this movement. How lucky am I, as a young woman, to be surrounded by a band of badass women every day? Sitting here amongst them makes me think, what if this wasn’t a possibility or a reality?

I’d never get to hear Alison’s humble giggle, have Natalie raid share my snack drawer, or have Audrey put on a full blown (but also very unintentional) stand up show on a trying afternoon. If it weren’t for the progress women have made over the last several decades – would Emily have been in her lady boss position to even offer me this job in the first place?

All of this to say that I love the women around me – reflecting on them makes me cherish my favorite parts of their humor and tenacity. Our team in the studio is a sisterhood – we annoy each other and love each other and are open enough to talk about the bush (or lack thereof).

International Women’s day has inspired me to remind myself of this every single day. To constantly try and lift up my fellow females because honestly, what would I be without them?

Illustration by @steph_angelis