Ah it is snowing here today!! Here are some of your tips for staying warm (and chic) when its suuuuuper cold!!

“Garance, The other day I thought about getting a full-body snowsuit. Like the ones parents dress their kids in to go sledding….! I do have a question – where did she get her fabulous hat?”
– From Casey

“I live in Milan and although it’s not as cold as New York it can get pretty chilly here as well! So for me it’s all about the layers, but this time the layers go underneath, where they cannot be seen! I wear bodysuits under my sweaters so I won’t freeze my tummy and under the skinny jeans just a pair of tights. A huge scarf is also a good idea because it can double as a blanket!”
– From Giulia

“Try an irish coffee with milk cream ! It makes cold vanish. :)”
– From Su

“I live in Chicago and it’s -20 degrees Celsius here these days. I’m all for being cute and stylish all year long, but at these temperatures I give up. Some people seem to stand the cold better than others. I see them every day in the streets, not wearing hats or scarfs, with simple woolen coats. Me, on the first day it got so cold, my nose almost froze off my face. So, yeah, I gave up. I like my nose too much!

I ended up owning several winter parkas over time, Woolrich, North Face, Pajar, as well as Sorel snow boots (some of them are not only super warm and waterproof, but CUTE in their own way, too!). The secret of cute winter (REAL winter, the one you’re talking about) to me, is to be comfortable in whatever you wear. That’s the only way to go through the winter looking like a princess from 19th century Russia! :)”
– From Lilena

“You’re so funny Garance – I’m feeling your pain right now. In London, all I want to wear is biker boots with chunky socks in them, looong sweaters (bum warmers) and hats and scarfs. No chic factored in; just warmth. I need to get back in the game. Thanks for this post; it really cheered me up on this cold day.”
– From Virginia