I consider myself a smart shopper…

I try really hard to stick to my Altfit mantra and only buy things I’m actually going to wear. But every once in a while, I slip up.

The other day, I found myself standing in front of my closet thinking “what the #@$!?” as I pulled out an oversize basketball jersey dress with a sequined #87 on the front and a never worn (okay maybe once worn) red Liberty print Supreme hat that I bid like a mad woman for on eBay (Mary Kate can pull it off, why can’t I?).

Did I have a total loss of self (and consciousness) at the time of those purchases? Do I think I’m really that cool that I can wear a basketball jersey as a dress? Was that Supreme hat really worth the bidding war (I won’t even tell you what I paid for it…)? 

Do you ever make these kinds of not really you at all purchases, where at the time you can totally justify it and you envision yourself wearing it all the time?

PS: Full disclosure- I did wear that basketball jersey dress to a party and out to a bar one night. And listen here single ladies: guys love jerseys and they love dresses. They assume that you are an encyclopedia of sports knowledge and that you want nothing more than to discuss the Stanley Cup with them (yeah, it’s a basketball jersey but they don’t care, they just love sports!). So I will recommend jersey dressing for nights where you’re in the mood for a little harmless flirting. Just try not to bring up Tim Riggins…he doesn’t count.