White nails have always been a little fascination of mine. I think they look chic, clean and simple but I also think they are tricky to pull off…

(Flashback to elementary school when all of my friends and I painted our nails with Wite-Out. Sorry Mom!)

I was excited to see white polish backstage at the spring Chanel show and knew it was time I let go of those Wite-Out memories and give it a try (it made it’s debut on my hands in this DIY video)….


Here is my official, exclusive, at home white nail polish manicure step-by-step guide!!

1.Trim and file your nails to the desired length. I think white looks best on medium to short length nails.

2. If you are prone to ridges, grab your nail buffer (or ridge filler) and go over each nail before applying your base coat. Let dry.

3. Before you apply your first coat of polish, select what TV show you would like to watch on Netflix (I highly recommend Friday Night Lights, Season 1, Episode 3. Tim Riggins has to run in the rain!) and hit play. If you are anything like me, you have a very hard time sitting still and letting your nails dry and this will provide a good distraction.

4. Apply the polish! Let your first white coat dry completely before adding your second coat. This will help with even coverage.

5. Once your second coat is completely dry, apply your top coat and enjoy some Tim Riggins.

(Okay, yes, this is really just a guide to manicures in general…)

What do you think of white nails for spring? Oui or no?

PS : You can get Chanel Eastern Light nail polish here!