I’m really bad about wearing gloves during the winter, which is silly because I have the worst circulation.  I mean, it’s just terrible. Even in the high, high heat of summer, my hands and my feet remain like iceboxes.

So, as you might imagine, my extremities have been extremely cold lately. So cold that I was driven to buy electric gloves online, which seemed like a great idea until I took them out of the packaging and saw what they actually looked like in person (think: Mickey Mouse meets Freddie Krueger). Hand lotion is really the best protection (and looks far more attractive than the former!). My favorite is Eve Lom, which also has SPF, a win-win but still, not the warmest solution.

I’ve invested in cashmere gloves in the past, but they never last. Mittens are adorable, but beyond impractical. And shamelessly, I must admit that I am constantly on my phone (even when I am walking / jaywalking around the city – a horrendous habit ), but I can’t get behind the touch screen glove “trend” either…

Have you found any gloves that make you actually want to wear them? A pair of gloves that doesn’t drive you to abandon half the set on the subway or at the dentist, or really anywhere except your apartment? Please give me hope that their could be a pair out there for me!