Last week, I met a model named Doug.

And I was like, “S#!% that’s cool. No one is ever going to not talk about a model named Doug. Maybe the reason I’m not a model is because of my name? I mean, there is no way it’s anything else other than not having a cool name.”

So I’ve developed a very scientific formula for finding your model name.

Scientific Model Name Formula Instructions:
1. Eliminate the first and last 1-3 letters of your first name, depending on length of name.
2. Your favorite color, in French (so it sounds more exotic).

First Name: Alexandra
Favorite Color: Noir

Model Name: Xand Noir

First Name: Brieann
Favorite Color: Orange

Model Name: Riea Orange

First Name: Emily
Favorite Color: Rouge

Model Name: Mil Rouge

Leave your model name in the comments and don’t forget to thank us when you get famous!

PS: That’s Doug in the photo!