The other day at the Studio, all of our noses perked up when we caught G spraying on a new perfume

“G, what is that amazing smell?!!” we all said immediately (and in unison because we are one brain, three bodies).

“This? You don’t know this?!” she responded.

Ashamed at our lack of knowledge, we told her no (again, in unison). And she went on to tell us that this amazing smell was Clarins Eau Dynamisante, a super well-known fragrance in France…

Now we are all obsessed and can’t stop sneaking sprays of it. The best part? We all think it smells totally different…

Christiana says it reminds her of a chic grandma, Emily says it reminds of her clean linens and I think its the ultimate fresh scent, like you just got out of the most perfect shower.

Have you tried it? Are we total martians for not knowing about it before?