It appears the wet hair look isn’t ready to leave the runway (or ad campaigns) just yet…

We saw wet hair again on the Prada runway last week. I can’t decide if it’s a look we can start pulling off for everyday or if it is better left to the runway (and the beach). I decided to survey the studio…

Garance: My boyfriend once told me, as I was coming out of the shower : “Why do we always look better with wet hair?”
I thought about it – he was right. There is a certain sexiness – think of the beach, coming out of water, the sun shining on your locks… Does hair get sexier than that ?
BUT there is a big difference when you try to achieve it when you’re not actually wet – the context (the beach, the shower, a rainstorm) is too important to be overlooked.
It might work at a show or in a ad, but in real life, would you be ready to have people ask you why your hair is “wet” all day? And what is with the technique to get that look? Do you have to use a whole bottle of hairspray? How does that even work?

Emily: I like the idea in theory and from an editorial angle. However, unless your hair is short and fairly thin I think it’s difficult to achieve while still looking cool.

Christiana: I don’t understand how you can make a wet hair look last all day…is it just a ton of gel? If you can make it happen, then go for it.

Krista: I like the look. I want to do it, but I also do nothing to my hair ever so…It might be too much effort for hair that looks like you just got out of the shower.

Personally, I like the wet hair look, even if it does require a lot of effort for an effortless look. If I ever do attempt wet locks for everyday, I’d want my hair to be a mix of the Prada show and Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush

What about you?