Two weeks from now, I’ll be going to a wedding. (In the South of France, they say “Je suis de mariage” – I’m of the wedding – I love it)

As you might imagine, I haven’t planned anything in advance and I’m going to end up running around like crazy at the last minute.

And more importantly, I have lots of questions – what are the rules for dressing well at a wedding?
This one is taking place in the countryside in Upstate New York, but I still have millions of questions.

Do I absolutely have to wear a dress?
Are there any colors I definitely should not wear?
Is it okay to fall flat on your face?

As the date gets closer, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of weird questions, so I was wondering – do we have any wedding pros in the audience?

Do you have any advice? What do you do when you’re invited to a wedding?