My trip to Japan was a real dream come true…

Really, lifelong! But what I went for was a bit of a secret until now: a fragrance inspired from Japanese teas. Two of the worlds oldest traditions coming together to create a collection of six scents (no, not the movie The Sixth Scense… but close! And I might have discovered mine on this trip – master perfumer! ) from Jo Malone London – a company literally everyone of my friends has a scent from. No kidding. I have three of their pocket sized variations in my bathroom!
The newest luxury fragrance collection, conveniently called Rare Teas, is just as goodMy favorites are the Golden Needle ( a warm aroma with an almost roasted sugar cane sweetness) and the Silver Needle (a bit more delicate, but with a touch of wild honey and chestnut notes). Apparently I have a thing for needle teas – but whatever your liking, there is most assuredly a scent for you to enjoy!
Do you have a favorite tea that might make for an equally wonderful cologne? 
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