Did you see Vanessa Paradis at the Victoires de la Musique (sort of French Grammys) ?

I loved the song she sang, where she speaks of the time passing, of what she used to be and what she is now.
I found that super moving, even more from someone that’s been called a Lolita all her life. It’s good to hear people talk about getting older. It’s rare.

Also, I really loved her haircut. I found it beautiful and different.
I looked on Twitter to see what people were saying about it, and she received a lot of criticism and mockeries – I think it’s so wrong !!!
I love it, it’s new, edgy, with a 70s vibes that I find perfectly cool. And it shows the true beauty of Vanessa because let’s be honest, not everybody could pull that haircut off !

In other words, Vanessa, I love you.

What do you think ? Do you like that haircut on Vanessa or not ?