It’s mens fashion week and beyond the obvious boy candy on the runways*, there’s so much I would both like to see on a man in IRL (in real life) and wear myself.

This brings me to a brief talking point of unisex dressing and mixing that’s been happening in fashion. During womens and mens, it’s not unusual now to see the opposite sex walking the same show. I think it’s nice; you get to see the counterparts, the versions a designer made so no man (or woman!) would feel left out, creating the possibility for the same idea — in their respective sizes, of course. Plus, this idea that trousers or skirts are specific to one gender is a thing of the past.

But back to the looks! My favorite menswear brand is likely Dries Van Noten (dreamy, soft and refined ease), but both Margaret Howell (below) and Joseph (above) are great contenders, especially this season with all those amazing, beautiful trousers. Slouchy, tailored, glen plaid, high waist and tuxedo striped – there’s nothing I love more (okay, denim is a real close second!) than a good pair.


So, there you have it. How would you go to share a dream wardrobe with your man?? Are there any items you specifically have a taste for from his closet?

*Clement? Hi, how are you?! xo Brie + Erik