One of the advantages of traveling often and often for professional reasons is that if you do it right, you’ll often get to travel in business class.

And when you do, let me tell you, you’re ruined.

Why? Because you realize that business class is how traveling should be*:

For example, for my trip to Bali, I flew Cathay Pacific, business class.

We’re talking super comfortable seats that went all the way back to make a bed, a big screen with tons of movies, the meal was one plate after another, another light meal if you ever got hungry during the flight, a big blanket, a little kit with all the necessities (Agnès B!) to keep yourself human (tooth brush, lotions made with essential oils that smell great, ear plugs, etc…).

And that’s only during the flight.

Because between the two flights (there are usually at least two stops to get to Bali), you could go to the lounge and in the lounge, you’ll be ruined all over again.

It’s like you get to this little harmonious world of comfort in the middle of the dungeon of despair that is the airport**.

You can connect to the internet, plug your computer in, work in peace on a comfortable couch… Grab a drink at the bar, read one of the millions of magazines, have yourself a meal, or even take a shower in a super clean shower, towel & lotions provided if you need them. That’s what I did on my layover in Hong Kong and it revived me. All of it, compliments of the house, of course.

And here’s why you’re ruined:
After all that, you have to go back to normal life.

So of course here, I’m talking about Cathay’s business class, not all of them are that great.

But let me tell you, I’m going to continue to dive into my frequent flyer miles.


* Believe me… I’ve done the whole “charter” thing. Have a layover in Stockholm to get to South Africa, or having to take five flights, yep, FIVE, I’m not kidding, to get from Paris to Damas, I’ve done it because all that…

** In the magical world of cheap flights IT’S POSSIBLE! (and I’m not even going to go into the whole plane thing, which is a luxury to start with… It’s not to be forgotten that I also had the time in my life when I’d go from Prague to Paris IN A BUS)(You know, let’s just be out with it… I’ve even gone from Marseille to Prague HITCH HIKING. Yep.)(I’m still sorry about that one, Maman.)That said, all those trips form up some of the best memories of my life.
But I’m happy I didn’t have to hitch hike my way to Bali.

*** For those of you who have already ended up sitting in a dusty corner of the airport (with people rolling their suitcases over you or people not seeing you so they spill their coffee on your head when they trip on your bag)(feels real? Cause it really happened to me!!! ) just to have your computer plugged in, you know what I’m talking about.