Last Friday I got a bad sunburn. I know, I know. I tell you all the time how important sunscreen is and I got burnt.

Let me just say that we were out shooting at the beach and I slipped on a rock and fell into the water and afterwards I didn’t reapply sunscreen on my legs. Okay… you’re right… no excuses.

It was a bad burn. The kind that feels like you’re wearing tights made of lava. And because this burn happened while I was wearing shorts, I was left with a very aggressive line across the front and back of my legs. As you know my skin color resembles Snow White, so a burn on me is really freaking obvious (I would show you a photo, but it’s just too embarrassing).

What’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you…

I got home, took a cold shower and slathered on some aloe (which I always keep in my refrigerator, making it the best thing in the entire world). I took an Advil (anti-inflammatory) and went to bed (on top of my sheets because I couldn’t bear to have anything touching my lava tights). The next morning, I applied some witch hazel (a natural anti-inflammatory and surprisingly soothing– it was either this or an oatmeal bath, and I rather keep my oatmeal for eating). I repeated this routine for three days.

Here I am, four days post-burn and things have definitely improved. I don’t feel like I’m wearing lava tights anymore! I just feel like my legs are inside of sausage casings (my skin is tight and dry, so I’m still applying aloe constantly). Now, I’ve got to start thinking about what to do with this very serious tan line…we will talk more about that later.

How do you deal with your sunburn?