What could be more useful than a designer giving you a 22 day wardrobe made out of 8 easy pieces. Yes fine, you have to be akin to the colors black and white, but who isn’t? Aren’t they the foundation of any outfit? That’s exactly what Misha Nonoo has done and the idea is really quite cool.

It had me recalling our Traveling Pants story last year, the idea that you can re-use one piece rather simply with a bit of imagination. It also had me thinking about Project 333 – started by a woman who narrowed her wardrobe down to 33 items (shoes, accessories, clothing) to re-imagine for outfits 3 months. Impressive! No?

It keeps me wondering, do I need all these things? How far would you go to test the limits of your own closet and the possibilities of a restricted set of garments?

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 9.42.31 AM