I have this fantasy where I am one of those cool, super laid back girls when it comes to hair, who is like:

“Chop my hair off? Yeah, whatever.”
“Dye it pink? Sure, why not? It’s just hair…”

Unfortunately, I am quite the opposite of that cool, laid back girl. If I cut off more than an inch of my hair, I think the world is over. Once I got straight across bangs and then had a year long identity crisis (they grew out and now I am doing much better–just so you know). I even had a body wave in high school and to say that was a life altering mistake is an understatement. Lately though, I’ve wanted to live out that cool, super laid back fantasy a little. And I’ve also been thinking about ombré hair a lot. I know, who thinks about ombré hair, let alone thinks about it a lot? This girl.

So, when I read about L’Oréal coming out with an at home ombré kit, I took it as a sign from the hair gods that this was my moment. My time to shine. My time to be bold and cool and laid back. And I did it.

The kit is super easy to use (I did have some help from supportive friends, but could’ve done it myself). The trick is in the applicator brush you use to apply the dye. It helps you get even color but keeps the ombré looking natural. My biggest fear was having a straight line through my hair between my natural color and the ombré but that wasn’t the case at all. I started a little above my collar bone, since I don’t have super long hair, and left the dye on for about 25 minutes (you can go for up to 45 for a more dramatic look, but still check the color after 25 minutes). My one tip for anyone trying this is to keep hair well moisturized afterwards. I’ve been applying a few drops of Argan Oil to my locks to keep my ends from feeling dry!

It’s day three of my new life as a cool, super laid back girl and so far, I love it.

PS: You can get the kit here!
PPS: It comes in three shades so you can pick one to best match your natural color.