Are there rules when it comes to belts?

I ask because I once told a friend: “Oh you have to wear a belt everytime you can see belt loops.” Of course I said this in a snobby Master of the Fashion Universe sort of way and then never followed my own rule.

I wear pants everyday (and 90% of those pants have belt loops), I wear my pants with shirts that I half-tuck in (which means visible loops) and I never wear a belt (Of course I wear a belt with my pants that need a little extra help staying where I want them. Come on guys!).

So, should I be wearing a belt all the time? Or are empty belt loops okay? Are there rules?

And if I do need to be wearing a belt, who makes a great classic, chic, everyday belt? Both Garance and I want to know!

PS: A bit of my belt aversion might be related to that one time I belted my parka