I used to HATE lotion – dread the moment my mother would slather it on me out of the bath.

I would make her do it because I detested the feel so much. But as I aged, so did my skin, and so did my tolerance for staying moisturized. My hands in particular. They’re one of the first places where you really see age and the number one area, for me, that I am constantly lathering whatever lotion, potion or oil I can get my hands on… literally.

Of all the ingredients moisturizers are based from today, hemp was the last thing I expected to see in one. But not only do I like the Rasta-esque packaging from CHANGE, I like the heavy duty hand protector itself – the balance of essential fatty acids in hemp seed oil work with our skin’s own oils to provide serious hydration. My hands feel as soft as a baby and smell as earthy as a free-spirited hippie.

So for now, my solution is hemp! Have you found any mighty hydrating lotions for your hands?