Are you following the World Cup?

Ok, I admit, I totally missed the wagon for the first round and missed all the games, even when France played (how is our team this year?), but I really like what’s happening in New York – even though no one ever talks about soccer here, suddenly the bars are filling up for every match and you hear the famous “Ooouuuuh” every time the ball gets anywhere close to the goal.
Yesterday, I passed by a Brazilian bar and it made me want to jump out of my taxi to join the ambiance.

I think I’m going to let myself have a few beers and pretend to be totally into soccer even though I’m really just using the soccer ball as an excuse for a good time.

Do you follow the World Cup? What are your favorite teams? Who are your favorite players? What’s your favorite beer? Hehe.

Translated by Andrea Perdue