It has been my life mission (okay, this life mission started only a few years ago) to find the best top coat in all of the land.

And so far, I’ve found three! Three shiny, chip proof, super wonderful top coats. And because I am kind and generous and really really really thoughtful, I’m sharing them with you!

Ten Over Ten, The Shield: I’m already hooked on the Ten Over Ten base coat (The Foundation) and the top coat is just as good. Added bonus, It’s 5-free.

Dior, Gel Coat: I’ve been trying to break my gel habit, but it’s hard giving up 14 days of chip free nails. This top coat is helping with the breakup, it really looks like a gel.

Kure Bazaar, Final Touch: Packs some serious shine punch (also non-toxic).

This is only the beginning of my hunt, stay tuned…

Oh, and let me know what top coats you think are the best!