“The word ‘supermodel’ is used loosely these days” — Naomi Campbell

We’ve all heard their names: Gisele, Kate, Linda, Christy, Naomi. They are the original beauties who turned the profession of a supermodel into that of a celebrity during the 90s. You could say a lot has changed since then. Models are everywhere and the fashion community is much more welcoming to fresh faces, especially when they carry superstar potential. And let’s face it, nowadays it seems like lots of models are on their way to lifetime fame. Of course, not everyone agrees…

Leave it to Naomi Campbell to boldly break the silence on today’s use of the “super” label, which she believes is thrown around often without consideration of what it really means to have supermodel status. Like, look at that girl on the runway. Sure, she’s beautiful, young, and flawless, but can she technically be called supermodel? What does it even mean to be a supermodel? Is it a measure of financial success or an impeccable portfolio? Or, do you need a secret superpower?

– Ricardo

Photo by Peter Lindbergh.