How do you feel about applying makeup in public?

I’ve seen just about every step of the possible makeup application process take place on the subway. I’ve see brows tweezed, nails painted, foundation patted on, smoky eyes perfected and walked through clouds of bronzer.

It’s not for me. I don’t have the talent required to apply mascara on a moving vehicle. That’s an accident waiting to happen. And then there is the chance (which for me is about 100%) that I will drop something on that subway floor. A brush, a palette, and then what? You’ve only completed one smoky eye on your way to work (why do you have a smoky eye at 8am?) and there goes your eye shadow brush under your seat. You find it next to a stack of week-old copies of AM New York and a Dunkin’ Donuts bag. I don’t believe the 5 second rule applies to anything on the subway.

I do apply lipstick in public. I wear a lot of red lipstick and with great lipstick comes great responsibility. I try to reapply in bathrooms but inevitably at some point I grab the pencil from my bag and do it on the corner of Mott and Prince. Like Alice said, there can be something sexy about taking out a glamorous tube of lipstick and reapplying it on the street.

I asked Garance about it and she said one of her concerns with putting makeup on in public is that everyone is watching you. “You feel totally self-conscious doing that in front of everybody!”

What do you think? Is a smoky eye on the D train sexy? Or is it unhygienic? And for those of you in Paris, do you see this happen on the metro or is it just a New York City public transit phenomenon?