Is this what true love feels like?

I asked myself that very question during college when I first laid eyes on the Marc Jacobs Stam bag. I had for years dreamed of owning (and do still dream) a classic Chanel bag but the Stam was something different. The Chanel was for someday, the Stam was for right that second. I’d walk through Neiman Marcus on my way to work, stopping by the handbags to gently stroke and smell that beautiful bag that had become, I was certain, the essence of my being.

Sometimes when they had a color I really liked, I would put it on hold. The saleswoman would roll her eyes, knowing I would never actually make the purchase. “Okay sweet angel,” I would say to the Stam. “I’ll come for you soon.”

Thankfully, I was not alone in my desire to own a Stam, outside of Lindsay Lohan and Eva Mendes, my friend (and now roommate– the Stam brought us together!) shared an equal passion for the handbag. We talked endlessly about which color we would buy, how great of an investment it would be to own, and finally how to come up with $1,300 in order to buy one.

We could sell our plasma (come on, every college student ever has one time contemplated this as a solution to financial woes)! We could sell our eggs (okay, not really…)!

Then one day, I walked into a Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet and stopped dead in the middle of the store. In front of me stood a sign: “Buy One Get One Handbags. Two Days Only.”

Is this what true love feels like?

Finally, the fashion gods, and possibly Marc Jacobs himself, had decided it was time. I immediately called up my friend, and we brainstormed how to come up with $650 each as fast as possible. We could sell our eggs!

Reality was setting in. We were college students working part-time. We liked $1 shot night (a little too much). $650 might as well have been $650,000. After all of the longing and desire we had to face the truth: we could not buy a Stam bag. So, we slowly let go of your Stam dreams (I have since refocused my energy on Céline clutches and Givenchy boots).

For me, Stam will always be the one that got away.