So, here is a weird topic…

The other day, I was reading a magazine about the good habits to take to age well and in between the usual suspects, stop smoking, stop eating crap, exercise and all the usuals stood a pretty interesting one:

“Sleep straight.”

Yes, yes. Like, dont sleep curled up on your side. What they said is that basically, those who sleep on their sides tend to always sleep on the same side. And a dermatologist said he could see it immediately under the eyes for example – one eye being more marked than the other. Some sleep lines also become permanent, mostly on the face and on the chest and décolleté.

In conclusion, they where saying that teaching yourself to sleep on your back was a great way to rejuvenate your face, as it’s a chance to spend a number hours, face relaxed, with gravity pulling everything in the right direction.

Now, this actually makes total sense. But I’m a ruthless mover in bed.
Do you think it’s worth it to try to sleep on my back, or is that crazy talk? Would you ever try?