The other day, Chris and I were watching Netlfix and chilling (like, actually) and we fell upon a documentary “The Price of Gold“, from series “30 for 30”, about the scandal that happened in 94 between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.

In one sentence, for those who weren’t born or don’t remember, they were both competing ice skaters. Nancy Kerrigan got attacked right before the Olympics. And Tonya Harding got accused of it. I’m not going to say more. Just know that it was a huge scandal, that the press got absolutely crazy and that, to this day, it is not entirely clear what happened.

What’s heartbreaking to watch is the story of two characters that could be from a novel.
And I’m warning you, there is no happy ending.

Nancy is a swan, gifted with beauty, elegance, kindness and grace. She could have invented the word “effortlessness”.
Tonya is a fighter. Not as pretty as Nancy, but strong, driven, real, raw. A great, bold character.

Unfortunately for Tonya, what figure ice skating was looking for in ’94 for was princesses.

And it’s sad to see her try and try and try and fail, letting anger and worries get to her and lessen her focus and her performance. It’s heartbreaking to see her not get ANY sponsors, have to make her own outfits and get criticized for them, and rehearse on a public skate rink because she couldn’t pay for a private one.

You can’t not identify with that story, and you can’t help but thinking that today, in 2016, Tonya would probably have been embraced for her uniqueness and have much more support. She makes me think of Pink, who I love. And maybe, maybe, none of the drama would have happened.

It could have been such a beautiful story… But it’s actually a great story to look back at. If you want to watch Netflix and chill (actually), one day, I totally recommend it.