The idea of pre-ordering items from a designer’s collection is not a new concept (especially thanks to Moda Operandi) but I’ve never really felt the need or urge to do it…until recently.

The waiting time between fall fashion week in February and when the clothes hit the stores seems endless. Sometimes I feel a little bit like Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka…anyone?) and think I have to have that fur sleeved sweater now. Turns out…I don’t! But the idea of pre-ordering has me feeling a little bit less antsy and eliminates that fight for the last size of those embellished track pants I am likely to start in the store.

What am I pre-ordering? A few things from that highly desirable fall J.Crew collection.

Yeah, those cropped pants…and that cool pouch…oh and maybe the jeweled baseball cap…

What about you? Are you down to pre-order? Or do you have the patience to wait?

PS: You can pre-order here from the fall J.Crew lookbook!