While Garance (& Emily) are killing it with the Jillian Michaels workout this spring, I’ve decided that my year long “vacation” from running is finally over and I’m hitting the pavement…

As soon as I revamp my workout playlist (excuses, excuses)…

I must listen to music while I’m running. It’s rare that I just feel so great about running that all I need is the sound of birds chipring and my feet hitting the black top to keep me motivated (so rare, that actually, it has never happened). I have fairly eclectic tastes when it comes to music, so my current running playlist is all over the place (think Rihanna followed by Hanson) and I need a little refresh. I asked everyone at the studio for their #1 get-in-gear-pump-it-up song…the results:

Garance: Missy Elliot, All of The Cookbook album (From G: It’s my favorite in the world. At “We Run This” I just stop and dance and sing!)

Emily: Jay-Z, On to the Next One

Christiana: The White Stripes, Seven Nation Army

Scott: Kanye West, Power Remix ft. Jay-Z

Theodora: Danity Kane, Damaged

Me (Alex): Girl Talk, Play Your Part, Pt.1

Tell me yours!! What songs should I be adding to my playlist?