I’ve made a point to attend the ballet two to three times a year for a few years now. You get swept away into a world that isn’t yours, all while remaining infinitely connected to the emotions and movements being performed on stage.

Also, no cellphones. NONE. For somewhere between two to three hours: you are completely removed from that buzzing, beeping, constant reminder of the outside world.

This was the case last Friday, when I went to the ballet to the see the highly anticipated program – The Most Incredible Thing – from the NYCB, which included a piece from resident choreographer and soloist Justin Peck, in collaboration with artist Marcel Dzama and The National’s Bryce Dessner… A grouping of individuals that would be hard to not be excited for!

And incredible it was. Really! A fairytale conceived from a story by Hans Christian Andersen, the otherworldly aesthetic felt perfectly in place. It was playful – many dancers, wearing anything from orange cubist devil leotards to silvery polka dotted costumes, used slides to make their entrance. Like superheroes / villains coming alive, but seen from the perspective of influential artists like Duchamp and Picasso.

It’s a show worth seeing, as even my attempt to describe even a fraction of the novelty and imagination fails in comparison to taking part in the adventure…

The Most Incredible Thing at the New York City Ballet : April 21 at 7:30pm, April 30 at 8pm, and May 7 at 2pm.