Dresses are harrrd for me to find. And I don’t mean that I never see them in stores or online. I see them all the time but – it’s more that they never seem to suit my personal tastes or style – it’s like I have bad eye-sight or something.

My favorite styles are basically varying forms of the slip dress in dark colors like black, blackish blue, and vintage black. Rivetting! But for Spring / Summer, I love a loose frock that barely touches my body – no waist cinching or darts. I like a little white dress like this little number from the surprisingly cool collaboration between Daryl K x Madewell that just hit stores! Quelle chance!

And it just so happens to be at my favorite length too! It hits that perfect spot: mid thigh, right where your fingertips end with your hands at your side? You know.

Is there another style you might recommend? What’s your go-to dress for the up-coming (I KNOW… slight stretch) warmer months?