Garance and I don’t always have the same tastes when it comes to fashion and accessories. Our most recent difference of opinion: backpacks.

I decided this fashion week, I wanted to be a backpack girl. Why?

1. The recent pre-fall collections— they were full of cool backpacks (check out Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim).
2. Laurel’s super cool Meredith Wendell backpack.
3. The fact that I’m sporting a camera this fashion week (eek!) and am looking for ways to be as hands free as possible (aka I can’t take a photo and hold a clutch like Garance does, I’m just not there…yet…)

A few weeks into my quest, I’ve discovered that I can, indeed, be a backpack girl. I love the convenience of having everything on my back and not in my hands. A lot more fits into a backpack than a clutch (duh), which means I can easily carry my laptop, snacks (very important), and a pair of back-up shoes (most important) with total ease.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to make a full time switch to the backpack, but it’s made fashion week a breeze!

Now, Garance on the other hand…

“No and no, I am no BPG (backpack girl).
First, sorry but listen: I have boobs – and I don’t need any straps to come under my shoulder and highlight that fact.
Second, sorry but I have to say it: after 25, you have to be reaaaaallyy cool (think Stella Tennant cool, the utmost cool in the levels of cool) to pull that thing of. I’m no Stella Tennant, LET’S BE HONEST THERE.
Third: Really? Practical?
Have you ever tried to find something in a backpack ?
Have you ever needed something very fast and just grabbed in in your handbag? Well forget about that: with a backpack, you have to take it off your shoulder, open it, look for the thing, close it… There, you just gave 5 minutes of your life to your backpack.
Have you ever knocked down someone with your backpack? No?

That’s because you never wore a backpack. And you know what? You were right.”

So there you have it, our great backpack debate. What are your thoughts?

PS : On my backpack days, I’ve been carrying the Mercer backpack by STATE!