Talk about a bad skin day week!

My skin has been a disaster zone of late, and I have basically been at a loss as to how to handle the breakout. Maybe it’s the crazy weather (my skin is never great in extreme cold, and we just had a blizzard douse the city in over two feet of snow!), or it could be me changing my cleanser? 

I tried not wearing makeup, using Elle’s witch hazel trick, the most all-natural and organic masks I have at home… Basically, everything! Things started to get better, but ever so slowly. So, in the meantime it seemed the only resolution was to cover it up.

So I decided to try MAC Studio Fix. My mom actually suggested this as, “the best cover up in the world.” Big call, but it comes pretty close!

I don’t think it’s great for daily use on the skin so I save it for emergency skin situations, but it really does cover anything. And I kind of love that it’s in an easy to transport vessel. If I’m desperate and need a quick touch up on the subway or in a cab, it’s easy and discrete to use.

Any other skin emergency products that I should have on my radar?