How do you wear just one statement earring? The Céline show got us thinking…

[3/3/14 10:22 AM] Alex: The single earrings at Céline?

[3/3/14 10:25 AM] Brie: Hmmm yeah

[3/3/14 10:26 AM] Alex: How do you make it look intentional and not like you lost or forgot to put on your other earring??

[3/3/14 10:27 AM] Brie: It’s very Edie Sedgwick art mom to wear one large earring

[3/3/14 10:27 AM] Alex: Hahahha art mom

[3/3/14 10:29 AM] Brie: but there’s almost something punk about it too, I think you need to wear one small earring on the other side

[3/3/14 10:30 AM] Alex: Ahhh

[3/3/14 10:32 AM] Brie: You know, so people know you haven’t got a few screws loose…