In honor of our men’s week, I asked Scott to send me something he noticed this week, and this morning he sent me a picture of his new comb, with a few words…

“No one seems to carry combs anymore. My dad always had a comb, and a hankerchief on him at all times. This comb is simple in design but made beautiful in horn which is flexible but still more fragile than plastic. You have to give a little care to it for it to care for you. In this day of a million photos of people on their phone and the gesture of phone and smoking culture it would be so refreshing to take more photos of guys or girls in the simple act of combing their hair…”

It’s funny because with my short hair, I’ve been using combs instead of brushes lately, and I was looking for a cute one. Another thing to steal from Scott !

PS: The comb is from G Lorenzi, an old school store in Milan.