We’ve had Erik at the Studio for a month. We love him and he helps me with my photo work and many other things. What is funny is that oftentimes, I find myself saying to him :

“Don’t you think this photo is too blue? And this one maybe a little yellow?” and we both feel like sometimes, we just don’t see exactly the same thing.

It also happens to me with John, our video editor. I often found that the tones he was choosing when color correcting were too blue.

Weird, don’t you think?

I’ve heard it’s because we don’t see the same colors. And that men and women don’t have the same sensitivity to colors.
I only sort of believed it, but that was before finding that color test. And seing the results, look these are mine…



So, wanna take the test? What are you? Had you ever felt like we don’t all have the same sensitivity to colors?