We loved reading your comments on what the story was behind the Chanel ads! Here are some of our favorites:

Chanel-holics and their therapist.
– Anna

hmmmm maybe discipline and the beauty of refinement? Chanel is for work and play….
– Polly

I would tend to imagine the story of a strict mother (or nanny) a little bit too oppressive and omnipresent with two rebellious teens. I dunno, maybe I’m wrong (probably), the idea has to be much more delicate and … creative. I’m not in Karl’s head (Lord knows I would love it !).
– Noé

it has to be the governess with two students into a new-modern-world-geisha posh school!!!! is it too obvious my history??:S:S am i right???theres no other choice garance….:):) love it btw!
– Noelia

And now, this it what Chanel told us about the story behind the shoot…
A lesson in elegance, where Stella Tennant plays the role of a step-mother with her two sassy step daughters, Ondria Hardin and Yumi Lambert. Oh to have Stella as a step-mom…sighhhh……