I always feel like my favorite things in my closet are the ones that are like a little piece of history.  More specifically I love the items that have been handed down to me over time. For example, a pair of heels from my mother or my uncle’s army jacket with his name still stitched on to the pocket.  As compared to anything I’ve bought in a store it feels like these clothes have some deeper meaning and I’m a continuation of its story.

milatary jacket nicole chan garance dore photo

This year my dad gave me his letterman jacket from his days as a varsity athlete in college.  For him it was a marker of achievement and a way to stay warm in freezing Chicago. For me it’s a personal authentic vintage jacket that I like trying to work into my wardrobe.  Even Elle has been wearing this incredible denim jacket that she told me was her father’s way back when!


Do you have pieces in your closet that hold a special piece of history?


– by Nicole, Intern at the Studio