We’ve spent our morning at the Studio discussing it…

And we are ready to tell you who we think was best dressed at last night’s Oscars!! Is the anticipation killing you?!


Emily: Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein. Her hair makes the whole look feel very relaxed Hollywood glam, plus I would get married in this dress.


Garance: I vote for Jennifer Lawrence, because even though I’m not 100% sold on that dress, I love the bold color and am always for a straight strapless neckline. I am crazy about her hair pushed back that way – usually I don’t like the way she wears her short hair. Also, I just love her. Also, Em stole Naomi Watts from me.


Ricardo: Not only does Lupita look beautiful (in Prada), but she’s fierce enough to coin her own color name: Nairobi Blue.


Alex: I just think Kate Hudson looks hot. Plus, I love a cape. Good work Kate, and good work Versace.


Brie: Ellen! Three custom suits from Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent…that may be my dream (not Ellen in suits, but a tailored suit for myself). My favorite was the glitter jacket and then the all white ensemble.


Carolyn: I’m all about a plunging neckline with a huge diamond necklace, so I’d have to nominate Charlize Theron in Dior – not sure how I feel about the bottom of the dress though – scissors anyone?