The Golden Globes were last night, did you watch the show!? Or, like me, did you just search for red-carpet photos and scan for award results??

Either way, it’s a studio tradition to pick our favorite looks from the awards shows!

This proved to be a seemingly gentle red-carpet – nothing too crazy but nothing too extraordinary either. Though there was lots of color, and florals even – oh, and sequins (of course)! Mixed in with the classic tuxedo sported by just about every male attendee…

Who ranked number one on your list? Okay, annnnddd what about the worst??

Emily : Alicia Vikander


Garance : Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett & Alicia Vikander


Erik : Melissa McCarthy


Amanda : Rooney Mara


Elle : Helen Mirren (& Alicia Vikander )


Brie : David Oyelowo & Jessica Oyelowo  (shout out to Vikander)


Neada : Eddie Redmayne (that tux! and polka dots?!)(but also secretly Vikander)


PS. Three of us chose Alicia Vikander, (although how boring would that be to show dress her three times? ) … but, I guess she won??