My makeup routine drastically improved when I started using primer earlier this year and now I’m ready to conquer the world of BB creams…

Better late than never, right?

After putting my investigative reporter skills to use, I discovered that just about all BB creams promise to do the following:

– Minimize pores
– Reduce redness
– Prime
– Moisturize
– Reduce shine
– Even out skin tone
– Add SPF protection

With all of that, I won’t need a Gisele complex, I WILL BE GISELE.

I’ve been trying out Naked Skin Beauty Balm for the last week. It’s available in one shade and works surprisingly well on my fair skin (I’ve got a serious fear of wearing too dark of makeup and no one ever telling me and then I look in the mirror and notice this crazy streak down near my chin. Okay, the fear is a bit irrational…). It goes on super smooth and leaves my skin feeling soft and velvety. I also like that it has sunscreen built in without that sunscreen smell. The box suggests 8 weeks of use before I am looking super Gisele-like. So 7 weeks to go!

Are you using a BB cream? Or have you moved on to CC creams? Do you look like Gisele? Tell me your favorites!

PS : You can get Naked Skin BB Cream here!