For this jacket…

I’m a supporter of the jacket over your shoulders look. And I’ll admit, I try to appear extra nonchalant during fashion week which means extra jacket over shoulder wearing.

It looks cool as crap, but it’s not even a little practical. If you’re actually wearing your jacket to stay warm, it’s not helping because your arms are still flailing about, freezing. If you need to move your arms at all, you have to be super calculated or else the jacket slips off. If you need to, oh I don’t know, answer your phone, send a text, take a photo or just show someone your invitation, you risk a runaway jacket.

But then I saw this bad boy on the Chanel runway. It has the complete cool, nonchalantness of the typical jacket over your shoulders look except it’s not going to fall off! Those genius (why did I not think of this?) buttons eliminate the runaway jacket risk, so you can text, eat a sandwich, wave hello to a friend, high-five Karl, anything. You can do anything in that jacket.

Thank you, Karl.