Thank you for your comments on yesterday’s post, I spent my whole day crashing my non-data plan (I am in London) to read them.

Not only was I very touched by them, but a lot of you also told me about yourselves, where you live, how you read the blog… It’s so great to get to know you a little better !

Oh, and a lot of you also told me you were not sure if I read the comments.
I read all of them. I can’t imagine blogging and not reading them,
it would be like talking by myself. I am sure all those who have a blog feel that. Comments are what make a blog.
No really, I mean it – because without comments a blog wouldn’t be a blog anymore, it would be a magazine. One voice only. It’s good too, I love magazines, but it’s a different type of media. I like dialogue. I would love to answer more of your comments, and I miss the time when I would spend three hours answering all of them.
But now with the travelling and stuff it’s become impossible.

Anyway, I am talking way too much, but I just wanted to tell you a big bright thank you !