The curse of the dying phone battery.

My phone dies all the time. Sure, it is probably because I am constantly trying to pass level 64 of Two Dots (where I have been stuck for OVER A MONTH), and maybe I refresh my Instagram every 45 seconds but I’m convinced my phone battery dies more often than all the other phone batteries. I’ve tried all of the tricks (taking down screen brightness, closing out of apps, turing off notifications, etc) but I still can’t get through a full day without needing to plug it in.

I try to remember to carry around an extra battery, but I usually forget to charge that battery. And I’m cautious about bringing my charger with me because I’m likely to leave it behind somewhere and then really have a problem. The other day Brie sent me a link to this new bracelet that charges your phone (you take it off, unclasp it and plug it in) and it really, actually looks like a bracelet when you’re wearing it (you know how some of those wearable tech accessories still look like you’re wearing a Gameboy on your wrist, as chic as they try to be)…


Now I’m on a mission now to find something that will charge my phone, without taking up too much space and isn’t something that I will also forget to charge. Tall order, I know. Any advice?