I’m scared.

You see, I worry the amount of time people spend on their phones is just going to get worse with time and younger people growing up now are not even going to recognize cursive, let alone be able to read it. Attention spans have gotten shorter, people can’t waste the time it takes to write/text/type the three remaining letters in the word “very” because typing/texting “v cool” saves you so much time.

I worry about the downfall of communication and people’s ability to hold an engaging conversation without the constant interruption of technology and at least once a week I am reminded of movies like Brazil, Idiocracy, Wall-E, The Fifth Element (all amazing movies, for the record) just walking down the street almost bumping into people who can’t look up from their phones.

I fully recognize that this all sounds a bit dark and negative, but I could go on for days about how freaked out I am by it all. So, I thought I’d start trying to keep up with more traditional methods of communication to make myself feel better about it all! You know, actual phone conversations with friends and family far away, hand written letters to people, snail mail thank you notes.

And then two weeks ago I moved into an apartment where I get zero, yes, absolutely no cell phone reception!! So, looks like I’ll be embracing technology by face-timing my face off, writing long, detailed emails and some handwritten notes in between. I am also using this as an excuse to buy myself cute stationery!

How do you find balance in this ever changing, futuristic world?