Illesteva made me some sunglasses!

Okay, they didn’t make them for me, but for girls like me. I am the girl who every time I bend over to look at my phone, pick up my handbag, tie my shoes (when was the last time you had to tie your shoes?!) my sunglasses fall off my face. Maybe there is something wrong with my ears ability to balance glasses? And since no one has been able to totally chicify those sunglasses straps, I keep living life with my glasses slipping off my ears and onto the floor of the subway/the sidewalk/my soup.


I stopped by to see the guys at Illesteva in Paris and they showed me these. The ultimate no slip from your ears sunglasses. The perfectly round “temple tips” (I Googled that!) keep them on your ears at all times. No more shades in my gazpacho!