It was time for me to invest in timeless jewelry….

While getting dressed recently for our Open Studios , my sweet admirer mentioned that my look would be REALLY great with a beautiful watch or bracelet. I stopped, and said, “Well, that would be nice wouldn’t it… if I had like, even one truly noteworthy piece of accessory to adorn my body.”

And so, this was my thought process when I first saw the Saint Laurent bracelet. Simple, clean lines, not too round and not too sharp and of course GOLD! It was perfect, I would take four! (Slow down Brie, you will take one so you can eat next week and you will adore that bracelet as though it was a gift from Yves himself.)

Voila! Here it is, my first outfit enhancing piece of jewelry to last a lifetime. (My lifetime, I will be buried with that bracelet ;) )