So of course, not unlike most jaded New Yorkers, our preparation for Sandy had been pretty light, as we had judged that, as usual, they where totally overplaying it in the news…

We were laughing, imitating the news : “STOOOOOOORMTRACKER!!!!”

The only thing we’d done was of course, was go buy water and food, cause as long as we can watch a movie while chowing popcorn, uh, nothing can really be wrong.

And it almost worked, that sort of blind confidence that everything would go perfectly fine, and that by Tuesday we’d be up and running and back to our little fashion lives.

I can even say that when the blackout struck on Monday, right after a new gust of wind, we almost found that funny. We lit up candles, watched some “Curb Your Enthousiam” on what battery was remaining on my computer, then went snuggling in bed while listening to the storm shaking the city outside.

It’s in the morning that it started to feel eerie.

First, not a sound. No cars. Then, still no power.
Mmmmm, that’s ok: “Kids, I’ll make you a commando breakfast, it’s gonna be funny !”

Then no Internet. No phone.

No way to know what was happening in New York, nothing. What had happened during the night? Were my parents worrying like crazy? Should we go out to see what was happening? Was that dangerous? Did we have a flashlight to go down the very dark stairs? Was all of New York deep in obscurity?

After a few hours, tidying up, reading, playing board games, it really started to become scary. I decided to go out, to find a place where I could at least send a text to my parents, before my phone would die and I would be in a total technological black hole.

Outside, people where walking silently, with nothing to do. Kids where out of school. All stores where closed. Some deli had an electricity generator and people where glued to it to charge their phones. Trees where down, blocking the streets.

It was on 14th Street that my phone finally came back to life. After texting my mom (she only received my text today…) I could connect with Alex and Emily who where good, had phone AND power… And where crazy worried about what had happened to me.

After chatting, they told me they had posted my post in the morning (which must have reassured my mom) (first thing she does when she worries about me me is check my blog)(I know, I am a bad daughter), that my little world was fine, and that the world hadn’t stopped turning, except on my micro-island of downtown Manhattan.

I still didn’t get the lesson there is in all that, but I’ll find it.

And I am sending (from our Uptown camp where there is power and Internet, and where we met with Alex to try to work)(Em couldn’t join us, she’s pretty much stuck in Brooklyn) all my thoughts to those who are really deep in post-Sandy problems, because there are thousands.

If we can do anything to help, we’re here.