I’m a big advocate of making Sunday night a Spa Night. I paint my nails, I do a face mask, throw on a pore strip (which are my #1 all-time favorite, best thing ever drugstore beauty find…more on that later), etc, etc…

Lately, I’ve been amping up my spa night with Elizabeth Dehn’s new line for One Love Organics. Both the serum (pat it on post-pore strip) and eye balm (no more puffy eyes, really!) are seriously moisturizing and full of antioxidants to preventing wrinkles (I might only be 25 but I’m hoping to look about 25 for forever).

The products smell amazing and leave you with dewy, glowing skin…it’s enough to want to make every night a spa night.

Do you have a Sunday night beauty routine?

PS: You can get the products here!